Course Overview

The Generic Induction (GI) Coal Underground programme provides participants with the required skills and knowledge to be able to enter the underground coal mining industry and pursue a career as an underground coal mine operator, working under direct supervision.

The GI Coal Underground Program provides training and assessment for the Resources and Infrastructure Industry (RII) Units of Competency which are specified in Recognised Standard 11, Training in Coal Mines (Qld Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999) and the Underground Coal Mine Safety skill set (RIISS00033).

Upon successful completion of this programme, participants will gain skills and knowledge in: 

  • General mining overview
  • General safety
  • Hazard identification/risk control
  • Initial first aid
  • Environmental procedures
  • Communication protocols
  • Underground work environment awareness (including plan reading)
  • Incident reporting/investigation
  • Coal Mine Legislation
  • Managing workplace hazards
  • Isolation and tagging procedures
  • Fire fighting and fire prevention
  • Emergency procedures
  • Self-escape procedures

Some mine sites have specific entry requirements for the Generic Induction and it is advised before enrolment to know and understand what are the site entry requirements.

Course Modules

  • RIIWHS201D - Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures
  • RIIERR205D - Apply initial response first aid
  • RIIGOV201D - Comply with site work processes/procedures
  • RIIRIS201D - Conduct local risk control
  • RIICOM201D - Communicate in the workplace
  • RIIERR302D - Respond to local emergencies and incidents
  • RIIERR203D - Escape from a hazardous situation unaided

Students gain first-hand experience from instructors with extensive industry expertise and work through a series of real life scenarios.


At the end of the programme, participants who are deemed competent will receive a Statement of Attainment and a GI Card.

Course Validity

The refresher period for the GI Coal Underground Programme is five years. This means individuals can refresh their induction at the discretion of mining companies, within a five year period.


Training Providers